How NetBase Can help you with Marketing via Social Media Analytics

Social Media analytics

Nobody is surprised by the fact that an extensive amount of data is being collected online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other use users’ data for various reasons and they know many things about you that you can’t even analyze. This has been the case for many years. What’s different now is that the information is being used in revolutionary ways. Specifically, you can use data obtained through social media analytics to develop a robust marketing campaign. NetBase, a respected leader in social analytics, has transformed the way top companies create marketing strategies today. Below are several examples of how they help brands achieve desired outcomes –

Pinpointing Your Target Audience

Target market vs target audience has been an important discussion these years and one of the most important aspects of marketing is identifying your target audience. Through social media analytics, you can find out who they are and what they’re buying. The amount of information that can be obtained is extensive. The type of data obtained can vary from one social media platform to another.

One thing that’s consistent across the board is the ability to determine when your target audience is online, which can dictate when you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media platform.

Identifying the Right Social Platforms

It isn’t necessary to be on every social platform that exists. While you could have a presence on every platform, it wouldn’t necessarily be the best use of your resources. That’s because your target audience will dictate which socials are best to use. You might be surprised by what social media analytics reveal.

Some people automatically assume Facebook is where they should focus their resources. You might find that Instagram is what yields the best results. Social media analytics will provide the answer to the question of which social platforms will benefit your brand most.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Beyond knowing where to find your target audience, you also need to understand their habits and needs. The purpose of gathering this information is to focus your content accordingly.

The development of a marketing strategy requires you to make critical decisions that can drive or impede results. It’s best to make fact-based decisions by analyzing data about your target audience. For instance, you can see what they like based on the types of posts shared most often.

Learning About Your Competitors

It’s always prudent to conduct a competitive analysis. NetBase makes that process much easier than it has been in the past through social media analytics. They offer an opportunity for deep learning about competitors that can provide you with actionable data. It’s a far more tactical way of developing a marketing campaign.

One of the most important reasons to use social media analytics is because it can keep you from wasting time and money by moving in the wrong direction. There could be data available that suggests something entirely different than what you believe to be true about your competitors.

Developing a More Precise Strategy

Having a good strategy is critical in marketing. Analyzing social media data can help you create one that’s far more precise than you would be able to otherwise. Even the most seasoned and knowledgeable marketers make mistakes.

By having real data available, you can practically eliminate the chances of making significant directional errors when developing a marketing roadmap.

Once you have developed your marketing campaign, you can assess its effectiveness by analyzing data provided by NetBase tools. Social analytics can help you create a strong marketing campaign and track the results.

There are a variety of reasons why these tools are growing in popularity. If you are not already using them, it’s about time to start.

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