How to Advertise Your Real Estate Company

Realtors and real estate agencies have a hard time getting their listings seen. Even if they invest in quality photos and listing websites, the competition is so fierce that exposure is a challenge.

In every big city, one agency is up against hundreds of others. It makes sense – real estate is a massive market in the US. Still, it raises an important question – how to make your listings stand out from the rest?

The first step is developing a real estate marketing strategy. It goes beyond the listing websites, and luckily, not all agencies are practicing it yet. Let’s take a look at some useful strategies to get noticed across three crucial fields.

Local Strategies

First off, don’t rush head-first into web marketing and overlook local, traditional forms when developing your plan. Advertising within your area is an affordable way to reach a good number of new clients.

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Open Houses

One of the best ways to get started with local marketing is by opening house signage. Nosy neighbors will embrace a chance to check out a place like the apartments for rent in Durham, which implies future clients.

Even if they aren’t looking for a property now, they might do in the future, and you’ll be the one that comes to mind then.


Almost half of the sellers find their agents through a referral from a friend or family member. So, not asking for referrals means you’re missing out on valuable word of mouth.

A great, unintrusive way to do so is by checking up on your clients several months after concluding the sale. Include a referral request in your email, and if you’ve done an excellent job, they’ll be happy to say a few words of praise.

Local Partners

Your local connections might also help you partner with other businesses in the area. Many boutiques, showrooms, and cafes will be happy to promote your listings if you let them take partake in an open-house event.

Local partners

You may also work with the business to provide discounts to potential buyers, offering customers to both companies.

Online Strategies

Internet is used for everything nowadays, and future buyers will likely google products or services before they reach out to you. Thus, it’s paramount that you create a website. It will serve as a gallery of your services for the customers.

Don’t forget to include and regularly update listings, too. That way, prospective customers will visit your site every time they search for a property. To make your website stand out, add a handy perk or two, such as a mortgage calculator or links to contractors and designers.

Create Easy-to-Find Content

Apart from your website, you might also want to start a blog so that you would create SEO-optimized content. By doing so, you’re ensuring that your posts show up in search results.

In the case of real estate, you want to market both your properties and services. As the professionals from My SEO Sucks say, you will need to carry out a well-planned SEO campaign to dominate the market.

Mix Up the Content

Blog posts are informative and overall an excellent idea, but people are visual beings. Adding exciting pictures and videos will increase traction, as well as serve as a great marketing strategy.

When it comes to video, it’s one of the best ways to inform customers and keep them on your page for longer. You can get creative with this medium, too, creating video tours of open-house homes, volunteering in your local community, and answering FAQs.

Industry-Specific Strategies

Another way to showcase your skills is by taking part in some strategies related to the real estate industry. Particular actions in this field may refer to helping your customers understand the market or participating in business-specific events.

Host a Webinar

Potential buyers and sellers will appreciate having an expert explain the current market events to them. Hosting a webinar on a topic of great interest is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge and get a good reputation.

Plus, you might team up with local services for home improvement or a similar industry to help both those looking and not looking to buy property at the moment.

Stage Homes

You could pique the interest of those purchasing and selling property by using a virtual staging website. That way, buyers get a preview of a home, while sellers see what value you can bring to their selling process.

Plus, online staging saves time and money, making it a super-effective strategy.

The Bottom Line

With these strategies in mind, you won’t find yourself publishing listings and hoping for buyers ever again.

Make your presence noticeable both online and offline, and people will come to you. Remember to offer quality to keep them coming back, and your business will flourish.

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