How to Automatically Sync Photos on Your Phone with Your Connected Facebook Account

Automatically Sync Facebook Photos

Guide on how to automatically sync photos on to your phone with connected Facebook Account.

The good thing about Facebook is that we can share our photos and let other users and friends in our circle to know about where we are and what are we up to. Rolling out after rigorous testing and extensive research is the Photo Syncing feature on your mobile platform for Facebook.

Facebook Photo Syncing

Facebook Photo Syncing is the new update released by the Facebook officially on December 1, 2012. The FB team is very excited to roll out Photo Sync update allowing you to easily share photos. There is no app update for this feature and you don’t need an app to be downloaded from App Store for this. The auto photo upload feature is available on different social networks like Google+ and Dropbox as Camera Upload. Dropbox provides additional storage than its 2 GB free storage if you upload your camera or phone photos, which is simply amazing.

So what is this feature all about? How do we Sync my Phone Photo automatically to Facebook Profile of mine? Ever answer is available in this article.

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Here is how you can make use of the Facebook Photo Syncing on your phone –

  • As soon as you capture a moment of life, the photo will be automatically uploaded to your Facebook Profile. Don’t worry; it will not be visible to the public as it will be saved in your Private Folder.
  • But if you are logging in today for the first time, Facebook will automatically prompt you to go through “Photo Syncing”, details about it and the Sync Settings.
  • So as soon as you capture photos, it will be uploaded to Facebook Profile accordingly to your Sync Settings.
  • In the Sync Settings, you have different option to Sync over Wi-Fi or Cellular, over Wi-Fi only and Sync my Photos. You can choose to Sync All Photos and total Storage of 2 Gigs is the maximum limit.
  • Now whenever you login int your Facebook account via laptop, you will see the option of Private Folder and under that select photos and click on Create Post.

Features of Photo Sync for Facebook

  • Automatically Sync all of your Photos to Facebook as they are captured on your device
  • All the synced photos are stored in your profiles private folder and share it whenever you want
  • Sync depends upon your choice
  • Disable Sync option also available
  • Photos are synced with smaller size of 100 kb while on 2G network
  • Maximum 2 GB of Photo Sync Storage available

Facebook tested out Photo Sync feature for three months and testing started in August this year on several mobile platforms of Android, iPhone, and iPad for mobiles and tablet PCs.

So did you try Facebook Photo Sync on your Android phone or iOS device? If not try it now!

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