How to Block Calls from Telemarketers on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon & T-Mobile

Guide on how to block unwanted calls from telemarketers with Anonymous/Unknown Numbers on your AT&T number.

Incoming calls from an anonymous or unknown number might be from telemarketers from one that you know little less. While 70% of these calls are from telemarketing guys about the promotion of their products/business or about their new insurance/charities/trading/survey companies/finance/loan schemes from various banks and only 30% of them are helpful. Not another telemarketer!

How to Block Calls from Telemarketers

An interesting thing here is that they get our number from sources where we have mentioned our number. A simple tip to stay away from your phone number included in the list is to avoid posting your number on online websites. But still, telemarketing can get through your number. As AT&T customers you might be looking to block these unwanted calls from any Anonymous/Unknown Numbers. So it doesn’t matter if you have iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S9 or a Motorola phone, you can make use of the below specific guide for your AT&T-powered phones.

How to Block Calls from Telemarketers

Block Calls from Known Numbers

AT&T cares for customers and so they have the AT&T Smart Limits package that allows users to block not only unwanted calls but also text from 30 known numbers. It can be from your friends or you can add a telemarketer’s number from which you get disturbed most.

AT&T Smart Limits is priced at $4.99 per month per subscriber and apart from blocking calls/texts, it has other features as well. Learn More

Register online for the Do Not Call Registry or Call call 888.382.1222 (TTY 866.290.4236) from any number

Block Calls from Anonymous/Unknown Numbers

Even though your phone number is added to the Do Not Call Registry, the frequency of unwanted calls will be reduced but not brought down to 100%. Still you might see incoming calls from anonymous or unknown numbers, even AT&T Smart Limits can’t control calls from such numbers.

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