When you want to open specific predefined sites all the time, at least in a day, I would insist you bookmark them all so that you can open them together at once click. Yes, browsers have defined a term called “Bookmark All Tabs” to bookmark all the tabs which are open.Opera Tips

Bookmark all Tabs in Opera Browser

It’s quite easy to bookmarks all the tabs in Firefox and Google Chrome, better & shortcut way is to press CTRL + SHIFT + D button instead of the normal bookmark button as CTRL + D. But things are different when you are with Opera. Opera has something different from the usual when it comes to bookmarking tabs that interests you. These are called as sessions and this might not be what you are looking for the perfect solution but this is the most appropriate way to bookmark various tabs together at once.

According to Opera, Sessions allows users to store the open tabs for later use. So if you are at the office and suddenly if the Internet goes up, you can hit “Save Session” so that you can access it when you reach your home. Here in this guide, we will show you on how you can do it.

  • Make sure you have opened tabs which you want to access it very frequently. In my case, I look through some of my reference tech blogs like Engadget, AskDaveTaylor, BlogsDNA, AdvicesAcademy and others.
  • Now go to Menu > Tabs & Windows > Sessions > Save this SessionOpera Session
  • You should give it a name like work or tech blog news.Save Session
  • Close the currently opened tabs.
  • So whenever you want to open it, go to Menu > Sessions and hit Work.

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So with that, you have bookmarked whatever tabs that you have opened.