How to connect an Apple iWatch to an Android device

Apple Watch connecting with Android phone

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Adding your iWatch to the cell phone is required for complete device operation and access to a variety of activities, including receiving calls, messages, and emails, managing the player and camera, ability to find a mobile phone in case it’s lost, tracking activity on a child’s phone, and much more. This connection only has to be configured once. In the future, the connection and synchronization will be automated.

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A smart electronic watch was once thought revolutionary, but today, wearing it is no more a kind of regarded as remarkable.

Basically, the client determines the requirements, and web developers continue to work on it, so society is now provided with numerous models and options of smart devices produced by the biggest well-known firms. Huge corporations are creating wearable devices specifically for clients using their smartphones, but nobody has ever given a straight response to the topic “Is it feasible to attach an Apple device to Android?” since today.

It can be fairly said that third-party programmers made it feasible to create links between the devices of these two companies.

  1. 1. To link iWatch to the Android, it’s required firstly to load the app for iOS the Aerlink software on your mobile, and the special app on the watch – BLE Utility, which you may do with an iPhone.
  2. 2. You must start on your phone the loaded app and turn on iOS Service.
  3. 3. Start BLE Utility at the iWatch and navigate to the Peripheral menu. The smartphone will then receive a message regarding the detected watch. You must choose it and wait until the linking to establish.

While the synchronization phase is being processed, you will be asked to provide the watch access to the calendar, alerts, contacts, and geolocation. However, not all functionality will proceed while linking an iWatch to the Android handset. The digital assistant, as an example, will be inaccessible. Notifications for calls, messages and other events will continue to arrive, however, answering the call from the clock will no more be permitted.

After installation of the apps, your iWatch is configured and linked with Android. Then join with points:

You must launch Airlink, enable iOS Service, then disregard the notice about the alerts removing.

In the opened BLE Utility service open the tab Peripherals and let the app for a while.

Choose the Airlink notice at the device; if it is unavailable, take again the 1st step.

If the process is completed, your watch will get a notification; otherwise, the procedure must be done again.

The number of options available via such a type of connection may be restricted a bit, but the main features like notifications about calls and messages will be accessible. Still the calls can not be answered.

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In any event, the topic of how to link Apple to Android was already described satisfactorily, and this is a good sign for programmers. At the present, all operational capabilities are considered rudimentary, so we may await stated support for iOS and the Android Wear platform, as well as the creation of third-party apps. Everything, as always, is at the user’s request.

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