How to Control a Teen with a Phone?

Control a teen with a phone

We have surely evolved a lot in the last two-three decades and today with the help of technology, we can do wonders in our life. From an early age, a child can start leaning things and become an expert in different fields. But, remember that we just discussed some good aspects of modern development and therefore on the other side, there are a few downsides also to note of this modern world, that we reside in.

Why do I need control of the child in the modern world?

Our kids these days are always on the phone and due to their age factor, they are always eager to try out new and different things. The Internet offers a lot of freedom and one is free to do anything on it and this freedom may unintentionally get abused by your young ones which aren’t good for them.

We have seen kids getting addicted to different things in the modern world, like video games, social media, inappropriate content, etc. Trust me, getting addicted to these virtual objects, separates us from the reality and we tend to forget our real identities. The main objective of control is to manage a balance between every aspect of life and also to keep your young ones away from the unnecessary things happening around in the modern world.

What control methods do parents use?

1) They Block Websites

Parents who just want to make sure that their children don’t access inappropriate sites can block some websites. Google itself provides an option for this which goes by the name, “Google SafeSearch”. For this to take place, ensure that every installed browser has Google set as its default search engine and second, that the SafeSearch is turned on.

2) Set Up Operating System Parental Control

In every major operating system, you will come across parental controls which can easily help you block websites and filter content like porn and mature based stuff. Just remember, that you should use the latest version of your operating system to avail the best and full benefits.

3) Monitor Mobile Devices

Some parents these days, with mutual consent or forced take, keep a check on their kids mobile devices. They do so by frequently checking their social media accounts, apps, and text messages to ensure that they are not getting involved in any wrong activities.

4) Use Third Party Apps

There are lot of type of parental control apps available in the market that can help you to manage your child’s phone like a pro. In this article, we will be suggesting you a very good application which would make controlling your child like a child’s play.

What is Hoverwatch and why is it chosen to control the child?

Hoverwatch is a phone tracker app that was built by Refog in 2002 for Android, Windows and Mac. It was launched with the aim of providing a good level of control opportunity to parents who are concerned about their child in today’s modern world. Hoverwatch boasts that their applications have been downloaded on around 12 million devices.

Hoverwatch gives full freedom to parents to keep a track on the activities that are being performed by their children on their smartphones right from emails to the calls. Everything is included in the Hoverwatch phone tracker app. Download it once and try it out for yourself.

How to install the phone tracker on the phone?

Follow the steps below –

  • 1) First step is to visit Hoverwatch and register yourself with a free account.
  • 2) Before we begin the installation process, we have to make sure that Unknown Sources is enabled on our device. For this head to, Settings >> Security >> Tick Unknown Sources. You can follow the guide here on how to enable USB debugging on Android.
  • 3) Take the target phone in your hand, and proceed to the login page of the website, i.e. and Initiate the login process.
  • 4) Download the APK file on your device. The size of the apk file is quite small which means it should go well with low-end devices also. If you are not sure what APK file is, then you can learn more here.
  • 5) Once the APK file has been downloaded, complete the install process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • 6) Open the app, and when it asks you, whom do you want to monitor then choose Kid from the list of options. Don’t forget that “Hide Hoverwatch icon” is chosen.
  • 7) Enter the login credentials in the app after the above step.

That’s it. You can now keep track of the target phone remotely.

How to monitor a child after installing the program?

The monitoring of a child is pretty easy and straightforward. Just head to the official website and login using the email and password that you have used on the target phone. You will be greeted with a private dashboard which will display all the data that is taking place on the target phone.

It includes –

  • calls,
  • recordings,
  • text messages,
  • emails,
  • almost everything.



  • The free trial version is available to try the app before you make the plan decision.
  • It is available on different platforms
  • The pricing structures is quite affordable
  • It has stealth mode.


  • It sadly isn’t available for iOS devices as of now.

Support :

The after customer support service of the company is quite excellent. There’s a special page dedicated for the queries of the people, and to access the support page, you can visit If your doubt is still not solved then you can raise a request to the team and they would get back to you.


Trust me, the best part about the phone tracking app is that it’s quite affordable. The pricing is based on the devices and the duration.

  • The cost to track one device is $3.33 per month which come under family pack.
  • The cost to track upto 5 devices is $7.99 per month
  • To save upto 60% on each device, then choose one month, three months or twelve months plan, whose rates are $39.95, $99.95, and $199.95 respectively.


We tried the app and tested it with few other similar phone tracking apps and found that the results were quite good. It was able to give a tough competition to other apps that are available in the market.

Hoverwatch phone tracker app to keep your children safe in the 21st century and the best part of all is that it’s quite affordable and hopefully will continue to do so even in the future. So buy the app and keep your children safe.

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