How to Delete Jio Chat History on Android

Delete Reliance Jio Chat History

A quick tutorial on how to delete Jio Chat history on your Android mobile phone.

With the new Jio Chat application for iPhone and Android, question every has – is Reliance heading toward competition with Google and Facebook? Some unique features and lift on WhatsApp limitations, Reliance Jio Chat is adopted by many people as their preferred chat application.

On Jio chat you can talk, do a video call with a conference, location sharing, status sharing, Chat offline support and interface to follow the brand, celebrities that you love. That are lot many advantages which you can learn from the official JioChat site.

We have gone through several Jio Chat tips and tricks, here is one simple guide on how to delete Jio Chat history on your device.

Delete Jio Chat History

The process is damn easy, just do it like the way it’s mentioned below –

  • From App Drawer, open Jio Chat app.
  • Now tap on More option located at the bottom right side.
  • Now tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Clear all chat History.
  • Finally tap on OK.
  • Now you will see that history will be deleted.

Here is the video guide for the same –

That’s it, done. As simple as that. And here is the video tutorial showing you how to delete Jio chat history.

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