How to Disable Ads on iPhone without Jailbreak

Disable Ads on iPhone

Hey! Are you tired receiving unwanted ads on iPhone and Android mobile phones? Do you need some solution? Well, this post is your solution! This post is telling us some ways that help to disable ads on iPhone or Android without using jailbreak or root.

Well, the quickest and simplest way that you can opt is enabling Airplane mode. But, we do not recommend you to go with this. By turning Airplane mode on, it would not be possible to receive any text or calls, for which Smartphone are meant for. That is why we recommend you go with another way so that the fundamental calling feature of Smartphone remain unaffected.

Disable Ads on iPhone without Jailbreak

One of the best ways to disable the Internet connection on Android or iPhone is to turn the cellular data or Wi-Fi off. On Android devices, turning cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity is very simple and easy.

Here are the steps –

  1. Go to Settings menu.
  2. Search WI-Fi or you can also search for Data Usage Options.
  3. Once you find it, turn off.


  1. You can also turn off cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity by using Toggle buttons, which is placed in the many of pull-down notifications.

On iOS 7, iOS 10 and later, you can disable cellular data and Wi-Fi connectivity very quickly. Here are the steps:

To disable Cellular Data on iPhone

Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Ensure that Mobile is set to OFF.

To disable Wi-Fi Connectivity on iPhone

  1. Again go to Settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi option.
  3. Disable Wi-Fi by tapping it.

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So, that was a simple guide on how to Disable Ads on iPhone.

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