In this guide checkout how to download and install Apps on Apple Watch easily.

Congratulations on your purchase of new Apple Watch. So which model you have purchased? Now that you have purchased it, it’s time to install others apps that you use apart from stock Apple Watch apps.Apple Watch

The process is quite easy but requires one time setup and synchronization between your phone and Apple Watch.

Install Apple Watch Apps

Follow the instructions mentioned below to install Apps on your newly purchased Apple Watch –

  • You should first pair your Apple Watch with iPhone and it can be done by opening Apple Watch App on your iPhone.Apple Watch App
  • Click on ‘Start Pairing‘. Apple Watch Pairing
  • You should connect your phone to available WiFi or any other mobile network and Bluetooth should be turned ON.
  • Bring the Apple Watch on your iPhone’s camera and align with yellow outline box.
  • Follow the on screen instructions on your iPhone to complete pairing.
  • Now once again open the Apple Watch app.
  • On the right you will see the ‘App Store‘.
  • Choose any app and hit “Install” button.

So, that how you can