Social networking is an important part of life to get connected & to stay updated. Twitter, one of the famous social networking site is on a mission to remove all the possible issues and give a no change to other social networks. The social messaging service has now come up with Archive in Hindi feature targeting the second most populous country in the world. As planned, the company has already spoken about its plan to permit users store archive of their tweets. This feature is available to all in English but decision to allow in other languages was taken today.

So Twitter has officially made Twitter Archive available in Spanish, Malay, French, Dutch, Finish and other widely spoken languages. Not only Twitter supports archive in Hindi but it has feature to include Farsi, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, German, French, Finnish, Hungarian, Malay, Norwegian language.

Twitter Archive in Hindi

  • To access the Twitter Archive in Hindi, you need to go through Settings Menu.Twitter Settings
  • Navigate to the bottom of Settings and just above Deactivate my account, you will find the option of “Request your Archive”. Also you should ensure that you have selected your country as “India” otherwise your archive will be in different language than Hindi.Twitter Hindi
  • As soon as you hit “Request your archive” you will be notified about the receipt of request as pop-up.Twitter Hindi Archive
  • So starting with your first tweet you will get a link in email where you can download the archive in Hindi.
  • I was sure that this will take time and indeed as expected, it too atleast 10 minutes to arrive that mail.
  • That's it Done!

Going through Twitter updates, recently they have released a minor update on to their Android app and bring the version as 3.8 officially via Google Play. This new update includes major feature of showing up the Top Tweets while you search for anything.