We all know downloading videos from your favorite is an easy task on iOS devices. So, here we have an easy method to download videos on your iPhone, iPod and other iOS devices. Document 5 a perfect document and media file viewer will help you to download unlimited videos from any sites and store them on Cloud or on the device itself.

Document 5 will show your videos in your gallery also. Document 5 can open different file format like PDF, EPUB, HTML, Microsoft office files and other as well. You can stream the videos online or you can download them and store it in your gallery. You can get the application for free of cost and it’s totally free, there is no purchases for premium version or any other things.

Download web videos using Document 5

  1. Go to app store and download Document 5.Install-Document-5
  2. Install the application.
  3. Launch the app and tap on Browser tab.Browse-Youtube
  4. Search for the site from which you would like to download the videos (like youtube.com).
  5. Play the video to be downloaded.
  6. Type ss before the site address (URL) and proceed with the prompt message.Proceed-for-download
  7. Download the video and tap on done in the next page.
  8. As the download completes, you can transfer it to the gallery, just drag and drop.Drag-and-drop
  9. This method can be used without Document 5 but you can transfer the files to gallery.