How to Edit YouTube Videos With Filmora9

YouTube, the largest online video sharing platform offers unimaginable possibilities to video creators who are persistent enough to produce new content consistently. There are so many different genres of YouTube videos out there, which is the reason why you have to find your niche. Besides choosing a topic, you also need to develop a recognizable visual style in order to make the videos you post on your YouTube channel stand out from the crowd.

It is common knowledge that movies are made in the editing room, and all up and coming YouTubers need video editing software that grants them total creative freedom. So, if you are looking for the best video editor for YouTube, we suggest trying Filmora9, because it is stacked with features that make the video editing process simple and fun.

Creating Gaming Videos with Filmora9

YouTubers like PewDiePie or ELRubiusOMG have millions of followers and consequently, they are earning ridiculous amounts of money while doing what they love. If you are a passionate gamer who is looking for a video editor that also offers screencasting features, Filmora9 might be one of the best options on the market.

Gaming Videos with Filmora

You can easily capture an entire screen or just a portion of it, by simply choosing one of the options provided by the software. Moreover, Filmora9 lets you record footage with your webcam during screen casting sessions so you can comment on the gameplay and entertain the viewers of your videos.

Once you record a gaming video, you can proceed to the editing stage, where you can apply effects to the footage, add text overlays or perform any other video editing task that will improve the quality of your video.

Creating Vlogs with Filmora9

You can record your videos with any type of digital camera and still edit them with Filmora9 because this video editor offers support for a wide range of video file formats. Creating a visual diary and posting it on your YouTube channel can help you attract a huge audience, You can talk about any topic you want, and share your opinions and worldviews with millions of people. However, your videos have to be edited perfectly if you want the viewers to watch them from start to finish.

After importing the video clips into Filmora9 you can place them on the timeline and arrange them effortlessly by simply dragging them from the Media panel and dropping them to a specific spot on the timeline.

The Wondershare’s video editor lets you add up to one hundred video tracks, which can be particularly useful if you are working on a large project that involves managing a large quantity of footage. In addition, Filmora9 features a huge library of visual effects that enables you to create a unique visual style for each video you create with the video editor.

The Titles tab offers a rich selection of subtitles, openers and end credits presets you can quickly add to a project and customize so that they fit your video perfectly.

Exporting YouTube Videos from Filmora9

We only mentioned a few genres of YouTube videos you can create with Filmora9 in this article, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this editor to make any type of video you want.

On the contrary, the video editing tools Filmora9 provides let you explore your creativity and discover which genres of YouTube videos you like to create the most.

When you’re done editing, you just have to click on the Export button to select how and where you want to export your project.

Filmora9 lets you export videos directly to your YouTube channel, and you don’t have to waste time while waiting for the file to render, just so you can upload it to your channel.

However, if you want to have the file stored locally, you just have to pick one of the available output formats, choose the resolution and frame rate and then hit the Export button.

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Filmora9 makes the video editing process as easy and simple as it can possibly be so you can focus on developing ideas that will grab the audience’s attention. Learning how to use all features this video editing app has to offer may take a little time and practice, but each moment you spend improving your video editing skills in Filmora9 will take you a step closer to becoming a successful YouTuber.

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