How to Factory Reset OnePlus 3 Smartphone

Reset OnePlus 3: The OnePlus 3 smartphone is officially launched and some people are disappointed with the pricing being so high. Other people are happy using this as their primary phone. Moving on from OnePlus 2 there are a lot of things changed, not on the phone but on the OnePlus smartphone operating point of view. The invite system is gone, there are no flash sales. Just directly purchase the phone which is available in stock.Factory Reset OnePlus 3

Factory Reset OnePlus 3

After going through process on how to take screenshot on OnePlus 3 smartphone, here we show you how to factory reset OnePlus 3 handset. I think I need not explain you why we perform factory reset. Mostly people does it to speed up their smartphone or they want to hand it over to someone else. In the following guide I will show you how to factory reset OnePlus 3 smartphone. We have gone through two process – one is the soft reset and the other is the hard reset.

OnePlus 3 Soft Reset

Follow the process mentioned below to soft reset your handset –

  1. From your phone, open Settings.
  2. Now scroll down and find the ‘Backup & Reset‘.
  3. Once you are through that, you will have to tap on ‘Factory Data Reset‘.
  4. Read the content information before finally tapping on Reset Phone. Generally it says that all the details present on your phone will be wiped out.

Hard Reset

To hard reset OnePlus 3 smartphone, you will have to boot your device in the recovery mode.

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press Volume Up and Power button together at once for few seconds. Remember at once or else you will turn ON your device.
  3. Once the fastboot mode is displayed, release the keys.
  4. Select Recovery from the option.
  5. In recovery mode, use Volume Down/Down button for navigation purpose and Power button to select a highlighted option.
  6. Now select ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset‘ option.
  7. Finally once that is done, hit ‘Reboot System Now‘ to get out of recovery.

So that was simple and easy.

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