How to Fix iPhone is Disable Error

Are you one among those thousands of iDevice users who use a password to keep their device safe? Well, this is one of the good ways to keep your device secured from unauthorized access but many times the password protection can be annoying for you when you don’t remember the password you have entered to safeguard your phone.

How to Fix iPhone is Disable Error

Fix iPhone is Disable Error

The biggest problem, in this case, is that you cannot make lots of attempts to unlock your phone because when you enter an incorrect password about six times in your iOS device; there are chances that your phone will be disabled.

To overcome the disable error in your iPad or iPhone, the following steps will help you –

Step 1

You need to connect your iDevice with computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2

Check out the ‘Device’ option at the top and go to details for discovering the ‘Backup your device’ option. This is how; you can backup your device.

You can be assured of it by checking the summary tab where you will see the date and time of the recent backup.

Step 3

Know in detail about putting your iDevice in DFU mode and do so in order to get the chance of restoring your phone with the help of iTunes. Just a restore leads all the data of your device to be removed, even the password. After restore, exit iTunes and disconnect it from the computer; then reconnect the device with computer and launch iTunes again.

Go to devices again and select ‘Restore backup’ from the summary tab. Check the date and time of the last backup and confirm it by clicking on restore.

After completing this process, you can use your device without a password.

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