How to Fix WhatsApp Has Stopped Error on Android

Simple guide on how to fix WhatsApp has stopped errors as found on Android phones.

Yesterday when I was working on my phone, stop! I was working on the phone? Who works? I mean smartphone is almost an entertainment device. Ok! Let me franker – I was playing Clash Royale game and suddenly a notification saying WhatsApp has stopped popping up. It interrupted my game and there was no other option except close the app and Send feedback. I will show you a case study on how to fix WhatsApp has Stopped Error on Android phones.

fix WhatsApp has stopped error

Fix WhatsApp Has Stopped

WhatsApp is the most popular Android app and if you count the number of downloads overall, I think WhatsApp will be the clear winner. Being such a popular app you expect no problems whatsoever while using it but one or the other time errors have crept in causing trouble to the users. One of the recent errors that I have been through was when WhatsApp stopped functioning abruptly. The screenshot of the error is shown above.

Fix WhatsApp Stopped Error on Android

This error forced me to close the WhatsApp app. Here is how to fix this error –

  • First head to Settings on your device.
  • Then go to Applications > Application Manager.
  • Search for WhatsApp and tap on it.
  • Now click on Storage and then hit Clear Cache Data and Clear Cache.

Clear Cache option will clear all the cache and will load your app faster than before.

Clear Cache Data option will delete all the app data which includes settings, accounts relating to WhatsApp.

In 90% of the cases, the above problem will fix the issue on your device and it will not happen again. But if you see this error again and again, then it’s time to go through an advanced guide to fix this error.

Reinstalling WhatsApp

If the problem doesn’t get solved, then re-installing the WhatsApp app from Play Store will certainly fix the issue.

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