Tired of Slow Internet: How to Get High Speed Internet in Rural Areas

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Just as we need air and water to live, the internet seems to have worked its way into our essential living elements.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get high-speed internet when you live in a rural area. Without high-speed internet, it’s difficult to stream services like Netflix or Hulu difficult. It also means that video chats with the family or working online can be very difficult if not impossible.

Keep reading to learn how to get high-speed internet in rural areas!

Types of Rural Internet Services

There are five main types of rural internet services that you can choose. Many rural areas might only have one provider available, so you might not be able to choose which type you would like.


DSL is similar to dialup internet but it’s up to ten times faster. It works through existing phone lines but relies on a higher frequency. The best part, you can still use the phone lines while on the Internet.


Satellite is a popular option for those in rural areas because it simply requires a satellite dish. In previous years, the technology has greatly improved and satellite internet speeds have increased exponentially.

Fixed Wireless

If your entire community is ready to improve the internet speeds, find a provider that offers fixed wireless internet. The provider will set up a fixed wireless tower in your rural area and then the internet service providers will send the signals to the community.

Cable Internet

Cable is a fantastic option for getting high-speed internet in rural areas. It’s usually more affordable than satellite, the only downside being that you will need to have a computer with an ethernet cable.

Mobile Hotspot

As cellular data options continue to expand and with 5G not too far on the horizon, there’s always the option of using your cellular data to access the internet. This should probably just be a temporary solution because it won’t be as fast and data allowances won’t be as large as other, more permanent internet options, but for temporary use, it’s a great solution.

How to Get High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas

So the question remains: what’s the best internet provider for rural areas? Because your options will be entirely dependent on your location, do your research on companies that will operate in your area.

Today, many major companies offer these services, but they might not be as specialized in rural coverage as smaller and more local coverage.

If everyone in your community has been wondering how to get high-speed Internet in rural areas, try talking with a local company about a special deal. This could be where everyone in the area will be using the same Internet provider so the company gives a better deal. You can alternatively go with the Satellite Internet for rural.

Learn More About Tech in Rural Areas

Now that you know how to get high-speed internet in rural areas, you’re ready to start browsing the web at home!

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