Xposed Framework is now available for Android Marshmallow which will let you add extra features and functions to your Android device. In this guide we will help you with installation of Xposed Framework on Android Marshmallow device.Xposed for Android Marshmallow

Before we begin let us have an overview of Xposed Framework. If you don’t like to tweak your device by downloading Custom ROMs and flashing them, you can do it with Xposed Framework also. Xposed Framework adds extra features and functions to your device. Basically, it modifies your system and brings a number of handy features on your device.Android XPosed Framework

Xposed is a much better choice as compared to a custom ROM. If you flash a Custom ROM it will change whole device system but that is not the case with Xposed. Xposed lets you to tweak you device on the existing Stock ROM. If you will to remove the Xposed feature you can simply uninstall it unlike Custom ROM which need a Stock ROM to be flashed.

List of working Xposed Module on Android Marshmallow

  • Burnt Toast
  • CrappaLinks
  • Play Store Changelog
  • XXSID Indicator
  • Greenify
  • Amplify
  • YouTube adaway
  • Xposed GEL Settings (beta)
  • Cool tool
  • NotifyClean
  • Min min guard
  • BootManager
  • ReceiverStop
  • EnhancedToast
  • Force immersive mode
  • Swype Tweaks
  • Swipeback 2
  • Spotify skip
  • Lollistat
  • Flat Style Keyboard
  • Force Fast Scroll
  • Flat style colored bars
  • Materialised xposed (working for some)
  • App settings
  • Lockscreen music art remover
  • NetStrenght
  • LWInRecents
  • Screen Filter
  • BubbleUPNP’s Audio cast
  • Snapcolors 3.4.12

Partially working:

Gravity box (very limited)
Boot manager (working for some)

Download Links

ARM devices xposed-v78-sdk23-x86.zip

ARM 64 devices xposed-v78-sdk23-x86.zip

X86 devices  xposed-v78-sdk23-x86.zip

NOTE: Download Hardware info app from Google Play Store to know your CPU architecture.

Install Xposed Framework on Android Marshmallow device

  1. Root your device and Install TWRP recovery on it if not done already.
  2. Download Xposed SDK zip file depending on your CPU architecture from the above links.
  3. Download Xposed Installer Apk from here.
  4. Connect your device to PC and transfer both files to your Phone.
  5. Disconnect the device and turn it off.
  6. Reboot the device into Recovery mode by using appropriate hardware buttons.
  7. Tap on Install in recovery mode and select the Xposed SDK zip file stored on your device.
  8. Flash the file following on-screen instructions.
  9. Now reboot your device to normal mode.
  10. Now, Install  the Xposed Installer Apk.
  11. Open Xposed Installer and apply the tweaks from the available working modules.

That’s all enjoy the extra features and functions and let us know if there are any issues through Comments.

Thank you for reading the article.