How To Maintain Your Growing Business in 2024: 10 Security Tips

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Did you know that two in every five cyber-attacks in 2021 targeted small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)? Statistics like this suggest we should all be worried about the future of our growing SMBs. And we are: That’s why we created an infographic to help you think about what “security approaches” you need to take now to protect your business in 2021.

This article outlines 10 ways that SMBs can prevent attacks on their networks, endpoints, and online assets when they’re busy executing other strategies for success.

Maintaining Your Growing Business

The state of today’s society demands security needs must also be addressed by SMBs who want to remain successful well into 2022 and beyond –

  1. Start now with the right security approach for your company.
  2. Know what you don’t know and work to reduce the risks associated with the unknowns in your environment.
  3. Build relationships with vendors that can provide professional services on an as-needed basis or when issues arise, such as detecting a breach on your network by doing daily scans of systems and networks looking for anomalies; whether it’s malware, policy violations, or strange activity, they’ll find it and let you know about it before it goes too far or causes damage to your business or personal finances.
  4. Prepare for some major changes which will mean shifting dollars from traditional IT (e.g., laptops) toward new technologies like mobile devices and cloud services.
  5. Enhance your security posture by following the “three pillars” of information security: people, process, and technology.
  6. Take time to understand cloud services in the context of your company’s business processes and needs so you can make sound decisions about how best to use these technologies in your organization.
  7. Be aware that what worked for you last year may not work well today because things are changing so quickly in this market — new types of malware are introduced daily, new vulnerabilities show up monthly, etc., so it’s important that you think about what the right approach is for your business rather than just doing what someone else does or what they recommend without really understanding why if it makes sense for your situation.
  8. Be careful how you communicate with customers, partners, and other stakeholders on social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook because you never know who is watching. Be sure to use a corporate VPN. Corporate best free VPN can be found on
  9. Consider how your company can use security technologies to protect the supply chain of its products; the more work that’s done outside your control, the greater the risk becomes if something goes wrong during manufacturing or transportation.
  10. Think about what steps are necessary to maximize data availability for both users and IT professionals — one goal should be minimizing downtime which translates into lost productivity, higher costs, unhappy customers and unhappy management teams so keep up with best practices in this area by attending training sessions offered by leading industry analysts helping you learn how to overcome critical issues affecting data availability today.
  11. Backup of your data is pretty important. You should always and regularly back it up because today ransomware attacks have become common.

The following information is from a recently composed report by RAPID7. In the section below, we have summarized some of the more important points from their findings to help you plan for what will be needed as your business grows.

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Security challenges are likely to be as complex as they are numerous as the new year draws near. The world simply has too many moving parts and each one of those needs to be secured against an ever-increasing range of threats.

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