How to Make Your Laundromat Business Better

As far as businesses go, laundromats are among the best to invest in. People will always need to wash their clothes, which means you’re likely to maintain those customers. It’s a business with a good profit margin and a steady income.

Having an established clientele is only the beginning. It would help if you found ways to keep them coming to you and avoid losing customers to a nearby laundromat. The best way to inspire loyalty in customers is to make your business better.

Ideally, both you and the customer should gain from whatever improvements you implement. That means you take care of your customers, but don’t bankrupt yourself in the process. Here are a few ways you can achieve precisely that.

Offer More Convenient Payment Options

What’s the best way to encourage someone to spend money? Making it easier for them to take that money out of their pocket and into yours, of course. ShinePay mentions that the option exists for customers to scan your machine’s QR code to make a payment.

The process is fast, easy, and safe for your customers and convenient for you too. You can view and withdraw your funds whenever you need them, right from your dashboard. There are no fees to worry about, and it saves you time to focus on other ways of growing your business.

Installing tech-savvy solutions also captures the attention of more clients. They’ll come to you for the novelty and stay for the convenience.

Discount Days

There’s nothing people love more than getting a discount off anything. Offering discounts is an easy way to keep your loyal customers happy and attract new ones as well. It might seem crazy at first, but spending money to make money is a time-tested tactic that always works.

For a start, you can offer a discount on drying times once a week. The offer will get the attention of anyone who’s never been to your laundromat and give them a reason to try it out. For your existing customers, the discount is one more reason for them to stay.

If your service is excellent, customers who only come on discount days may end up as your regulars after a while. So, discounts increase your customer base, keep them coming, and raise your profits.

Extra Services

Most people go to a laundromat for convenience. It’s a simpler alternative to hand washing, even though there’s still a little work post machine washing. If you make the extra work go away, your customers will love you for it and reward you with their loyalty.

One example of an extra service you can offer for a small fee is a Wash-and-Fold service. Your customers will only need to bring in their laundry, then you’ll take care of the rest. You can also offer variations of this like a folding service for a lesser fee to cater to lower budgets.

Provide Entertainment

Watching laundry go round and round in a machine gets boring real quick. If there are kids involved, it’s even worse because they tend to get restless when they’re bored. Offering entertainment in your laundromat can solve all that.

It might seem trivial, but it makes a huge difference. You don’t need a full-on disco or a live band either; the simplest things will do. For most people, knowing that you’ll be able to catch up on your favorite show or watch the news while you do your laundry is a game-changer.

Entertainment is especially important to customers with kids. They need to keep them occupied while they deal with their laundry. It doesn’t cost much, and the result is happy, relaxed customers, it’s a definite win-win.

Diversify Your Products

Some customers love artificial scents on their clothes after a wash, but others would prefer to skip all the bells and whistles. If your machine has single-use detergent boxes or similar products, you can add fragrance-free products to cater to the latter. With this tactic, you’ll be able to accommodate a broader range of customers.


A laundromat is a good investment. It has a high rate of success, scalability, and good return-on-investment. Both new and experienced business owners can make good profits on it. With a few tweaks to the services you offer, you can keep your laundromat running smoothly for a long time.

Besides the services, improving the technical aspects of the business also goes a long way in making it better. That includes regular maintenance of machines and even upgrading to better models. Making your customers happier will always help your business get better.

Yogesh Patel: Yogesh Khetani is a famous Tech Blogger who loves to be surrounded by tech gadgets. So obviously, we can see his contribution here in that field. He also contributes to Now I am Updated website.