How To Re-Enable Apple Music in Subscription on iOS 10.x

Guide on how to re-enable Apple Music app on iOS 9.

The iOS 8.4 update introduced Apple Music and it’s available for all users with three months free trial first up. With iOS 9 update there came few feature addition to Apple Music app.
For some reasons like due to Apple Music problems, you might have disabled it on iOS 8.4.Apple Music App

Whatever the reason maybe, and if you want to get Apple Music back on your iPhone, here we show the procedure to do it. You need to re-enable Apple Music on your device before you get started.

Re-Enabled Apple Music

Follow the simple 4 step procedure mentioned below –

  • On your phone first go to Settings.
  • It’s the time you scroll down to bottom and tap on Music option.
  • This is where all the Settings related to Apple Music app are available. Under the Apple Music you need to tap on the Show Apple Music.
  • It will get automatically toggled.

That’s it. It was simple and straight-forward.

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