Android, being an extremely popular platform, has numerous applications with diversified intents. Even in a particular sector, there are many developers offerring excellent functions, often free of any charge. The same applies to US Newspaper Apps.

The apps provide the user with an intuitive interface combined with handy functions such as auto-updating, linking etc. Reading an online magazine proves to be much more beneficial thanĀ  a paper one. The font size is adjustable. You can filter it and switch to the parts you frequent. The color tones can be set to your liking. You do not have to spendĀ  a penny. And since these require no cutting of trees to make the paper, your newspaper reading just made you eco-friendly.Read Newspaper Online

Moreover, the portability is marvellous. You can access the entire newspaper from the comfort of your palm. So you can safely bid good bye to all the folding, stuffing in and shoving around you have to do with your newspaper. Face it, this one doesnt tear, nor does it stain or blot. You can access multiple newspapers with the help of the same app. Let us take a look at how you can use your Android Phone/Tablet to read newspapers in USA:


Step 1:

Go to the Android App Store(Google Play) and search with the keywords 'USA Newspapers'/'USA Newspapers Compilation'

Step 2:

You will get a large number of results on Step 1. Filter this with whether you are ready to pay for an app or not. Most unpaid apps are just free versions of the ad-free paid apps. However, some apps offer better functions in their paid versions.

Step 3:

Once you have narrowed it down to fewer apps, take a look through the newspapers it offers and see if it meets all your needs. After this, go through the reviews to get a picture of how the app treated existing users.

Step 4:

Download and Install the App you set your mind on.

Step 5:

Set the functions according to your preference and sync in all the data of the magazines you selected. Voila! You just got yourself a bunch of daily newspaper subscriptions on your Android Phone/Tablet.

Among the papers you can find in these apps are Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, CNN, Fox News, Google News, Reuters, ESPN, ABC, New York Post, Fox News etc.