How to Repair IMEI Number of Mediatek Samsung, Micromax Phones

How to Repair IMEI Number

In this guide check out How to Repair IMEI Number of Mediatek Samsung, Micromax Phones.

IMEI is very important for identifying your phone. IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. Sometimes when you flash or update ROM of MTK Android phone you lost your IMEI number in this whole process. This is the major problem for all Micromax and other MTK Android devices. So I will try to provide a solution to this problem.

In this article, you find the solution for lost IMEI, instead of a stolen device. Because changing of IMEI number of a device is illegal in some countries.

Repair IMEI Number

Every phone has its own IMEI number. Sometimes this IMEI number is lost due to flash or update ROM of Android phone. This problem is generated in MTK devices from makers like HTC, Xiaomi, Meizu, Cubot, Spice, and Karbonn.

If you have lost your IMEI number, the ability of calling will be lost. You need not call anyone because it is one of the identities of your phone which is very important in all phones.

Before you do this you should know all the government policies, because changing the IMEI number is not legal to work.

It follows –

  1. The Government has strictly prohibited importing all kind of mobile phones with bogus or duplicate exclusive identity number.
  2. Director-General of Foreign Trade said in a notification that “GSM mobile handsets with duplicate IMEI, with duplicate Electronic Serial Number or Mobile Equipment Identifier, are added to the list of Prohibited items for import”.
  3. 15-17 digits of IMEI numbers are used by GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) to identify a device in a cellphone network.

Two conditions arise, first is your IMEI number getting lost due to some technical problems hence you can resolve it, and second is you have duplicate IMEI number in this case you can’t do anything.

Repair IMEI Number of Mediatek Samsung, Micromax Phones

  1. For this, we require to root access of your phone. 1st of all root your cellphone after that set up Mobile uncle tool app in your cellphone from the Play store of Google.
  2. Now you need to open a mobile uncle app. And then you see the popup tab for consent. Now click on “Grant” for providing root entry approval to the Mobile uncle app.
  3. So many options are opened but you will go with the IMEI backup and restore option.

There are 4 options opened:

  • To take backup and save the file in the internal storage
  • To take backup and save the file in your SD card
  • (3) & (4) For restoring of your IMEI figure of phone inner storage space and your SD card

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You go with the (1) option.

  1. Then press OK to confirm your location. Now you get a pop-up tab to verify that your file is set aside and you will save the file name in your message. Now press OK.
  2. After that give up this app. Now authenticate your IMEI backup folder from the storage location.

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