How to Repair Malfunctioned iPhone/iPad due to iOS System Bugs and Issues

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There is no denying: iOS mobile devices are still the go-to products for many users across the globe. The devices’ sleek design, consistency, speed, frequent software updates, and seamless user experience make them a force to reckon with. Besides, iOS devices’ software and hardware complement each other well to deliver unmatched performance.

However, regardless of the many advantages, iOS devices can develop problems that impede the performance. The problems come in many forms and can either be hardware or software issues. For obvious reasons, it’s not easy to repair a hardware-damaged phone at home.  But if your device has developed software issues such as iTunes error 50, frozen device, iPad stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck in recovery mode, and more, there is a remedy.

Wondershare has developed a robust application that solves numerous iOS problems. The application is called dr.fone – repair. If your iPhone is seemingly dead and doesn’t turn on at all, trash all your worries. dr.fone – repair is the application you need to solve all the problems at home, with exceptional ease.

What is dr.fone – repair?

Dr.fone – repair is one of the salient features of the dr.fone iOS toolkit. It is a powerful tool built to help iOS users fix popular issues such as the iPhone white screen won’t turn off, black screen, iPhone stuck on a loading screen, blank white screen on iPad, and more. Generally, dr.fone – repair fixes all iOS issues and is a great application to get your phone back to normal without a hassle.

The tool works seamlessly with all models of iOS devices including iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices. Besides, it is an easy-to-use solution that requires no special technical knowledge to operate. As a matter of fact, dr.fone – repair is a life saver for both iPhone green hands and smartphones gurus alike.

Who uses dr.fone – repair?

Let’s face it: your iPhone can suddenly stop working out of the blue. The reason for this is most probably a software issue. However, iOS software issues come in plenty, and it’s always a daunting task to pinpoint the exact problem. If you are caught up in such a scenario, dr.fone – repair is designed with you in mind.

The application is a sound choice when your iPhone is totally malfunctioned, and you have not created backups for your data. Regardless, of the complexity of the iTunes or iOS problems, dr.fone – repair has got your back. The application is for you if your IOS device has any of the following issues:

  • iPad/iPhone stuck in recovery mode loop
  • iPad/iPhone stuck in DFU mode
  • iPad/iPhone turns into a white Apple logo or white screen of death
  • iPad/iPhone restarts endlessly
  • Frozen or unresponsive device
  • iPad/iPhone turns into a red, black, or blue screen
  • iPad/iPhone endlessly loops on Apple logo
  • iPad/iPhone cannot slide to power off or unlock

How does dr. fone – Repair work?

Now, are you facing one of the problems highlighted above? If yes, you must be burning with the desire to use dr.fone – repair to repair the device. Well, if that is the case, we’ll get you to a flying start.

Using dr.fone – repair is straightforward. You don’t have to be tech savvy to bring your device back to life. All you need to do is download and install the application on your computer. The best thing is that dr.fone – repair works seamlessly on both Mac OS and Windows devices.

Once the application is installed on your computer, visit dr.fone – repair’s iOS guide page. This page offers comprehensive guides that are compiled to help you fix all iOS problems with ease.

What makes Dr.fone – Repair Unique

Traditionally, repairing a broken iPhone was an intricate procedure that was only reserved for tech experts. However, technological advancement has eased the complexity, paving the way for recovery software such as iCloud and iTunes. Such software are good, but their approach to recovery is not the best: they reset everything, giving your smartphone a clean start. This presents the following downsides:

  • They do not guarantee data privacy
  • They can affect system settings
  • They put you at risk of losing data

Now, dr.fone – repair is unique in the sense that it allows you to repair your iPhone without touching the existing data. This means, the application takes your iOS device through the entire recovery process and leaves the device with the same data it had before the problem developed. This makes dr.fone – repair exceptionally good.


dr.fone – repair is undoubtedly an incredible recovery solution built for multiple iOS problems. The application handles all types of software issues and can bring a device back to life in minutes. The ability to fix complex iOS issues without data loss makes dr.fone – repair a remarkable application for all iOS device users.

Wondershare offers a flexible pricing structure for dr.fone – repair for the iOS module. You can go for Personal licenses ($39.95/year), family license ($59.50/year), business license ($399.00/year), or a quote based license.

Besides, the application can be purchased as part of full iOS toolkit. The complete iOS toolkit offers excellent utilities that can be used to manage your smartphone devices and handle other routine tasks on your PC.

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