HTC One A9 AT&T variant can now be easily rooted just passing few commands and downloading the boot image file required to root the device. You can get all the required files from the links provided in the description below and here we are to help you. Once you have root access on your device you can get hands on installing custom packages like the SuperSU and mods that can modify your system in different ways. But for this, you need to unlock the bootloader of your device.HTC One A9

After you unlock the bootloader of your device you can easily root it so, that you can have root access and unlock many advanced features on your device. But note that rooting your device will void the device warranty and the manufacturer or we at TechnosAmigos will not be responsible if anything goes wrong with your device later.

Now, let us discuss how you can root the device and also install TWRP recovery to flash custom packages. Follow the steps mentioned below to root your device.

Preparing your Phone

  • This instructions are only for AT&T HTC One A9 device, do not try it on other device.
  • Charge the device battery to 100% level.
  • Install device USB drivers on your PC.
  • Set up ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC.
  • Back up all the required data to some external storage to restore it later if necessary.
  • Make a Nandroid back up of your ROM to restore it in case of system failure.
  • Unlock the device bootloader if not done already.
  • Go to developer options and enable Allow oem unlock
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your device. Go to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging mode.USB Debugging

Procedure to Root AT&T HTC One A9

  1. Before you beginning make sure that the device bootloader is unlocked, if not unlock the bootloader and then proceed further.
  2. Download the TWRP and boot image bundle for HTC One A9 from here.
  3. Download file required from here.
  4. Download from here.
  5. Power off the device and boot it into bootloader mode press and hold volume and Power button for few seconds.
  6. Extract the boot image file downloaded from the above link and open the folder with boot image file.
  7. Copy the AT&T boot image file and paste it in fastboot folder.
  8. Launch command window in fastboot folder by holding shift and right-click mouse, then select open command window here.
  9. To check the device connectivity give the following command.
    fastboot devices
  10. To flash the boot image give the following command.
    fastboot flash boot a9-att.img
  11. Factory reset your device manually.
  12. Install TWRP recovery on your device.
  13. Reboot the device into custom recovery mode, press and hold Volume Down and Power button.
  14. Extract file downloaded earlier on your desktop.
  15. Now, push file to /data/ and then reboot the device.
  16. Extract the file and install the superuser.apk file on your device.

That completes rooting of AT&T HTC One A9 smartphone. Did you face any issues during the process? Do let us know.