How to Root Galaxy S7 – One Click Root So Soon?

Samsung Galaxy S7

There is a new Samsung Galaxy S phone and I know every tech blogger is waiting to write “How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7” article to get traffic from Google Search Engine. Maybe in search of it, we find such an article already existing which says easily achieved Galaxy S7 Root and this comes from novice M Israr Saeed who owns site.

Rooting Galaxy S7

In his article he used One Click Root to achieve root access on recently launched Samsung Galaxy S7. We read on One Click Root website and currently the software successfully roots Galaxy S6 but not the latest successor. And as a general trend One Click Root software easily roots any devices only after a month or two release. Maybe they are manually testing out and then officially listing the support for a particular handset.

As of now if you are a Galaxy S7 owner and if you want to try root on your phone, then try any of the auto root like One Click Root or FramaRoot or Kingoroot. Chances that it might work for you.

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Tracking the history ChainFire was first to achieved Galaxy S6 root last year and this year too we are hoping for the same. We should hear something out from the ChainFire very soon.

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