Root access on any Android devices can give you permissions to many Android features that you can not access unless you get through those company security locks. Today in this guide we will help you to root HTC One A9 smartphone. To root the One A9 or any other HTC smartphone it’s necessary that you should have bootloader unlocked and must have a custom recovery installed.HTC One A9

For some devices getting root access is very easy you can just get it by just installing auto-root application. But for some other devices you need to do it very carefully as you will be getting root access only if you flash some zip files through commands in command prompt.

To root HTC One A9 you need to have the ADB and Fastboot drivers installed on your PC. Just make sure that you follow the process carefully and also type the correct commands.

For the information of the users it must be noted that once you root your device to will void your device warranty and if some thing goes wrong during the process you will brick your device for which you will be the solo responsible.

Preparing your Phone

  • This instructions are strictly for Sprint HTC One A9, trying it on other devices or models might brick them.
  • Device should be fully charged up to 100%.
  • Backup all the important data to some external storage and also make a Nandroid backup of the current ROM.
  • Install HTC One A9 USB drivers and also install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC.
  • Device bootloader must be unlocked and also have TWRP or CWM custom recovery installed on your device.
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your device to do so go to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging mode.USB Debugging

Process for Rooting your device

  1. Download the HTC One root file from here.
  2. Download the file from here.
  3. Download TWRP recovery from here.
  4. Download file from here.
  5. Set up ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC.
  6. Turnoff the device and boot it into Download mode by pressing and holding appropriate hardware buttons together for few seconds.
  7. Connect the device to computer.
  8. Extract the HTC One file on your desktop and copy the a9-sprint.img file to fastboot folder on your desktop.
  9. Hold shift and right-click mouse in the empty space in the fastboot folder and select Open Command window here.
  10. Type the command given below to install .img file on your device.
    fastboot flash boot a9-sprint.img
  11. Reboot the device into Bootloader mode and factory reset the device.
  12. Install TWRP recovery on your device.
  13. Reboot the device into recovery mode.
  14. Extract the file on your desktop and push su.img file to /data/su,img, and reboot the device to normal mode.
  15. Extract file and install SuperSU.apk file to get superuser on your device.

Your device will get root features, to verify the root status you can download root checker app from the Google Play Store.