Congratulations on your purchase of Xiaomi Mi Pad and you have made a right choice. Are you looking to explore more from your tablet? Here is how you can root Xiaomi MiPad tablet and install apps which requires root or even try out any latest firmware like the Android Lollipop build if available.Root Xiaomi MiPad

Preparing Your Phone

  • On your tablet USB debugging under Developer options should be enabled.
  • Ensure that battery life on your tablet should be 20% atleast.
  • With root the warranty on your tablet will get void but it can be reclaimed by unrooting your device.

Root Xiaomi MiPad

Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Download iRoot which is the rooting tool here
  • Also download Super SU from here.
  • Install iRoot on your PC and keep it open.
  • Connect your MiPad to PC using USB cable.vRoot tool
  • Once connected, you will need to hit Root button.miPad connected
  • Rooting process will begin.Rooting begins
  • Within few minutes your MiPad will restart automatically.
  • Click on complete and you will achieve the root.root completed
  • Unplug the USB cable now.
  • On your Mipad you will see two new icons. One is vRoot and other looks like this.Vroot icon
  • Download and install SuperSU from Play Store.
  • Click on the SuperSU icon and it will promot for SU binary needs to be updated. Continue? Click accept.
  • Click on Grant to give privileges.

With that you have easily rooted Xiaomi MiPad.