Most of us use our mobile phones to set alarms. Apple definitely has some of the best tones which can be set for alarms. iPhone users get an option to select from a list of many alarm sounds which can keep their ears interested. However, with the introduction of iOS 6, iPhone has enabled its users to set songs as an alarm tone. This guide also works for iOS 8 and iOS 9 as well. This helps them to wake up in the morning in the tone which they like. There is a procedure to set songs in your music library as your alarm tone.

Song as Alarm on iPhone

Following explains the steps –

  1. Open the clock app present in your new iPhone. Every new iPhone devices come with a clock. The process to set alarm starts with this clock app itself. Tap on the screen to proceed towards editing the alarm app.
  2. Tapping on the clock screen opens a timer app. At the bottom of the screen, an alarm icon would appear along with several other icons. Tap on it and then tap on edit. A list of alarms will be displayed on the screen. Select the alarm which you want to change. Image_2
  3. Tap on the alarm and then tap on the sound option.
  4. In the sound screen, the option of “songs” appears at the top of the screen and it gives you an option to pick a song. Tap on the pick a song option. This option takes you to the music library and then you have to select the song which you would like to retain as alarm tone.image_4

The above procedure is applicable only for editing the existing alarms in your iPhone. Separate procedure exists for creating new alarms.

  1. Tap on the “+” icon the step 2 mentioned above. Then select the alarm time and other options, if you want to repeat the alarm or not.
  2. Tap on the sound option and this will take you to the sound screen mentioned in the Step 4 above. Tap to pick a song and its all done. image_6

It depends on the users if they like to select different songs for different alarms or the same song. Selecting different songs should be a good idea.

Hopefully, the above steps of adding songs as alarms will reduce the boredom of using the same ringtones which you get from iPhone.