How to Set Song as Ringtone on Firefox OS Phones, Tablets

Firefox Ringtones

If you are one of those people who have a device with Firefox OS there is so much on the internet that could be helpful in the matter of your device. There are so many people who still want to get this device and load loads of applications in it but are unable to do so. So in case you are the few lucky ones, there is more news for you. Each new version has some improvement but there are so many more that are not viewed yet.

Firefox OS – Set Song as Ringtone

Like there are so many people who face the problem of not being able to set their favorite songs as their ringtone. But then Firefox OS Marketplace has a solution called the Ringtone Picker which lets you do the needful. It can be installed and used from the device setting directly. Here is how you can download and use it, but for that you need Firefox OS (B2G) V1.2 or higher.

Here is a step by step guide –

  • Download RingTone Picker from the above mentioned marketplace.
  • Click on sound in the settings option. And then chose your ringtone from the newly download Ringtone Picker by tapping on the given option. Access to SD card should be allowed and then the ringtone can be selected.
  • You can now select the music that you want by clicking on the set button.

The current version of Firefox does not support MP3 files and some conversions are required. Either those conversions can be done online or can be done with the help of an app called ‘soundkonverter’ . Now your files are in OGG format. Copy to SD card and repeat steps.

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