How to Sign PDF Online (Step-by-Step Guide)


Signing PDF files, particularly if you haven’t done it before, can seem overwhelming. We have your back whether you’re a first-timer or someone who wants a refresher on how to sign PDF papers.

Understanding the distinction between electronic signatures and digital signatures is significant. The electronic signature is just a picture overlaid on a PDF sheet with your signature. A digital signature, on the other hand, is cryptographically secure and verifies that someone has seen the document and signed it using your private signing key.

It’s really secure, but complicated as well. The online counterpart of a notarized signature is digital signatures. In terms of checking your identity, a trustworthy third party, known as a Certificate Authority, functions as a notary.

Because an electronic signature is something most individuals require when they give you a contract to sign, we will focus on that process. These days, the most common E-Sign service is Cocosign.

CocoSign: The Ultimate E-Sign Solution for Signing Pdf Documents

CocoSign, a safe and simple solution for eSignature, gives you the right tools to sign any of the most significant online PDFs.

The user-friendly CocoSign interface makes it incredibly easy to sign online PDFs safely and securely. You can not only sign the PDFs lawfully, but you can also fill in all PDF document fields by formatting them with special text boxes and checkboxes. A moment audit trail is added to the paper immediately, allowing you a complete insight into the document’s path. 

How to Sign PDF Online via CocoSign (Step-by-Step Guide)?

Here is a signed pdf document online with an electronic signature with CocoSign if you are new to this SAAS. Have a look!

  • Create an account & Generate your Signatures

Create an account with CocoSign. Type your password and email address or sign-up for your Google account.

You can generate a signature in one of three forms using the CocoSign: 

  • Form – You can type your name and have it translated to a signature.
  • Draw – Use the mouse or the touch screen to draw your signature.
  • Picture – You can use a printer to sign a sheet of paper, copy it and then apply your signed signature to the CocoSign.
  • Upload the PDF.

The paper can be uploaded from one of any of the applications.

  1. Format the PDF with a field of signatures.

Drag and drop a signature box on the PDF folder to the right position. You may also use other special fields to format the text, such as ‘date’ and checkboxes. To get started with CocoSign, click here.

  • Insert the eSignature file.

You will be asked to build and save your eSignature if it’s your first time using CocoSign.  You can do this by punching in and selecting your name from a list of fonts, typing your signature using your mouse, or using a touchscreen to draw your signature.

  • Send the paper and save it.

You will mail it out to any recipient(s) of your choice until the PDF is done. Simply enter and provide an optional personalized note with your email address.

Features of CocoSign

Stable & Trustworthy

Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, all communication with our online signature service is securely secured. We ensure the security of your records and electronic signatures. When your session expires, all of your data will be immediately and completely wiped from our servers.

Online Sign and Fill PDF

Not only can you sign online PDFs with our free online signature app, you can also fill out your forms online by adding text, choosing checkboxes, entering the current date, initializing where appropriate, etc. The details on how to sign a PDF and fill out your forms online are presented below.

PDF, Word, IMG, TXT, XLS Symbol

You will also generate electronic signatures on your Word papers, Excel files, and scanned documents in PNG and JPEG formats, as well as TXT and RTF files, in addition to signing your PDF using our e-signature program.

Legally Binding

For almost any company and transaction, electronic signatures are lawful and binding. Electronic signatures from CocoSign comply with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Trade (ESIGN) Act and the United States Standardized Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). In the UK and the European Union, also comply with the eIDAS act.

Sign in a fashion you like

You can sign your PDF the way you want with our free online signature app. To build an electronic signature, we provide three different options: draw an e-signature using a mouse or touchpad, type your name, or scan your signature image and upload it to the paper.

Why Do You Need CocoSign?

 CocoSign can extend the performance of your work in several ways. If you need to do all of the following, you must opt for CocoSign:

  • When it comes to both signing papers sent to you and providing signature fields for your recipients, this one-size-fits-all solution saves a lot of time.
  • Using fully protected cloud storage and eSignature technologies like CocoSign, which helps you to track the recipient’s operation and understand when your documents are signed.
  • Upload, annotate and work on papers using other resources in areas that are not practical.
  • Provide a no-hassle way for receivers to sign if you are submitting a text.
  • Prospective customers are often unaware of new signature technologies. Cutting out the time-consuming process of customer printing, manually signing and scanning documents will significantly increase your closing rate.

Ending Note

The most critical factor when choosing a signature solution should be according to your own desires. As opposed to mailing them, editing them, or obtaining several signatures for one document, if you just want to sign PDFs, then tools like Adobe Reader and Preview would suffice. You would need to look for a solution with a wider number of features for some functionality above this.

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Opting for CocoSign will significantly minimise the amount of time you spend both distributing signatures and gathering them, bringing another layer of protection to the process. So we strongly recommend you to give it a try!

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