How to Speed up Android Smartphone – Fix Too Slow Issue in 4 Ways

How to speed Android smartphone

So you are the owner of a brand new Android smartphone that can do anything for you, from checking Emails to web surfing, playing games to listening to music. A shiny and lightning fast smartphone is loved by everyone. But just imagine a condition when after about a year of shopping the android phone, your device becomes slow. Apps take too long time to run and transitions between screens take longer to redraw. So, the speed demon has become the biggest enemy of your Android Lollipop device.

How to Speed up Android SmartPhones

If are facing the issue of Android Lollipop phone to slow or having any other trouble after the update, you should know that by tweaking your device with some troubleshoot steps you can speed up your device. Check out the tips given below for speeding your phone right away –

Clear Cached Data

Clearing cached data is another good way of saving lots of free space in your android phone. this is how you can speed up the device conversely. Like the apps that you use rarely, caches to run those apps within short time are also of no use for you. Definitely, a smartly designed app is built with the efficiency of clearing caches and starting it again automatically. But these also have disadvantages.

Cached data can be buggy and are responsible to slow down the speed of your android. If you want to refresh your android phone, you should clear cached data. Open Settings, go to device storage and scroll down the list till the time you see Storage. Look out for Cache and tap over it and clear out all cached data.

Factory Reset Lollipop Phones

Everyone hates to reset its device onto the factory status. Taking backup can be a time-consuming process but this the last option to speed up the processing of your android lollipop device. Remember one thing at this point; no matter how much care you are while taking the backup, there is always some possibility of losing any of your data during factory reset. x

You will lose everything from your phone after a factory reset and your device comes in the same condition as it was during the time of fresh delivery. Your data which is not in the cloud will go away if you don’t backup them. Go to device ‘Settings’ and check out for the Backup & Reset option reset your device to factory default.

Clear the Storage Space

Have you ever thought that junks and unwanted images, texts and songs can make your phone slow? Screenshots you have taken long back to share, images which are already backed up in your device and download folders which are nothing but just a collection of mess; all these things are seriously responsible to slow down the processing of your android lollipop device.

Delete the App you Don’t Want

Your device has become a collection of lots of useful and non-useful apps, right? Definitely, we download apps on a whim which are used only a few times. Most of them are definitely not being used by you regularly now. These apps not only stay in the app drawers but also plot ways to slower your phone as they use CPU cycles for background services. This is why you should delete all those apps which are not being used by you. In order to delete an app, you need nothing but to go to settings of the Apps option. Now choose the tab ‘downloaded’ and scroll the list to find an app that you want to delete. As you find the app, just uninstall the app.

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So, these are some points through which you can fasten the processing of your Android phone. Now, you need not to spend lots of time by swiping and tapping things.

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