How to Take Joint Selfies on iPhone & Android

Joint Selfies on iPhone

We have gone through PicPal app on how to take Joint Selfies on iPhone.

Now lovers of Selfie no longer require having their family members and friends to take a photo session. Thanks to good heavens that a new smart phone application has made it possible to take joint selfies without any regard towards the location. Here we are about to discuss How to Take Joint Selfie on iPhone.

The new application “PicPal” has been invented by a software company that is located in Texas-USA named MyndBee and commenced by an NRI Mahesh Rajagopalan. The company has been innovated on Android devices and iOS. The new Selfie has made it possible by gathering everything together at the same moment to make a Selfie collage, it does not matter in which part of the world you are.

The users of “PicPal” application can send invitation up to three friends to form Selfies along with you. Those friends will be allotted a time of 15 minutes to give a response to a PicPal request. They can send their Selfies to you within a couple of minutes. These selfies can be retaken using the inbuilt system, they can also be edited and supplemented with text.

“PicPal” makes combination of real-time collages, social media and all essential Selfie into the same application. This application has made expansion of the limit of the possibilities of social documentation. Rajgopalan told that PicPal removes all passive interactions from the user like commenting, sharing and liking photos and videos and enhances the experience of being online. Rajgopalan added that with Picpal they have built a very authentic experience and have helped friends to get connected with each other. Families can also get connected with each other in real-time irrespective of their current location.

The application has compiled all the Selfies into a single collage that will be seen in your PicPal Gallery. Each collage will create jointly with your friends or family members. This can be shared within the application of your smartphone or on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Users of PicPal can start getting connected with their Facebook account and can invite friends through text message.

Download PicPal for iOS

Download PicPal for Android

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