How to Take Screenshot on PS4

Screenshot on PS4

PS4 is one of the best gaming console that gives the best and perfect way by which a person or a user can easily enjoy the game in a realistic manner.

Do you know how to take Screenshot on PS4. Let us see the following steps –

  1. Start your console- The first step is; run your PS4 and select the game for which you want to tale the console. The game must be in running position.
  2. Whatever event you want to capture, you can easily do it for screenshot. If you just want to grab the moment, then you just need to press the ‘share button’ only once and hold it for a single second. The screen will get captured. There is an option on the right corner of the screen. It is a camera, now it will give you a confirmation and you can easily get information about the registration of the screenshot.
  3. Now, you can easily share the screenshot, by the following methods –
  4. Fetch the folder ‘Capture’. Now, you can easily get the screenshots which you had captured. For that, you just require selecting your profile and can easily be captured by selecting the function screen.
  5. You just need to ‘Share Button’.
  6. Now, you require uploading the Screenshot option and you must select this option and now select your targeted option.
  7. Now through which media you need to share your picture, select that. Suppose you like Facebook or any other, then go with that via share menu.
  8. After that write your comment or any other status.
  9. Now after completing that select “Share Button”.

In this way you can easily share it.

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