In this tutorial, you will get to learn about how to take a screenshot in your Samsung Galaxy ON5 and ON7 phone using hardware buttons. Many people take screenshots when they are watching videos or playing a game and now it has much easier for them.Samsung Galaxy ON7

It is very easy to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy ON5 and ON7 phone, you just need to follow this simple steps mentioned below.

Steps for taking a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy ON5 and ON7:

  • Locate power button on your handset.
  • You should also be aware of home button.
  • To take screenshot successfully you should press and hold both of them at a time for few seconds. If one of them is pressed early or later, you will end up at some other function.
  • It's hard for first time but quite easy once you learn.
  • If you hit the target perfectly, you will see some flashy animation on the screen.
  • Soon after you will see screenshot notification in the device.

Here is the video guide for the same:

This video guide is same for Samsung Galaxy ON5 and ON7.

Screenshots taken can be found in the Gallery app from there you can share it by normal options.

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Yet another video guide is here -

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