In this guide we show you how you can take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT-IS7260 & GT-IS7262 Android powered phone.

Samsung recently launched Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7260 & GT-S7262 Dual SIM phone and without any doubt this makes an entry to Best 4-inch dual core powered phone in India. The newly powered, especially phones with Android 4.0 ICS and higher version makes it easier to take screenshot.

Here we have shared two methods using which you can take screenshot on your latest Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 phone. Why do you need screenshot to be taken? Ans: When you encounter some error or what to show some high score, you might need it.Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Screenshot

Method 1:

Using the combination of physical hardware buttons you can take screenshot of what's seen on your device easily. Check the guide here -

  • How your handset in the palm of your one hand.
  • On your phone locate the Power button.
  • In order to take screenshot of what’s been display on the screen, you need to press & hold the Power button and Home button together for 2 seconds.
  • You will see that the screenshot is take with shutter sound confirms the action.

Where are the Screenshots Saved?

Now then you have taken the screenshot, you will see the screenshot notification on your notification menu. So to access the screenshot taken pull down the notification and tap on the image.

Alternatively screenshots taken are saved in Screenshots folder under Gallery. So go to Menu > Gallery > Screenshots to see all the screenshots captured. It can be also found under DCIM folder when you connect it to your PC.

Method 2

Apart from physical hardware button to use for screenshot, there exists so many apps officially available for download on Play Store but all those requires root enabled on your phone. In matter of no time, we will present you with Samsung Galaxy Star Pro root guide. But taking screenshot by any app maybe cumbersome.

So with that we have completed taking screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT-IS7260 & GT-IS7262 phone. Do check out for more tutorial, guide, help in coming days.

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