How to Toggle Android Apps Auto Updates – Turn OFF/ON

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to turn off auto app update from Google play store in your smart-phone? If yes, you are at the right place. It is essential to turn off automatic applications revised from Google Play store for the cause that every instant an app is revised, it download the new-fangled statistics, if your gadget is associated in the midst of a Wi-Fi at that moment it’s not a immense concern, however if your device uses mobile phone data in that case it will charge supplementary. Although by means of Android you can enclose autonomy to accomplish anything.Google Play Store

Toggle Android Apps Auto Updates

To turn off automatic applications revised from Google Play store follow the steps mentioned below :-

  • Unwrap Google Play scheduled on Android gadget.
  • At this instant depart to Google Play store settings through tapping scheduled on “Hamburger bar” to be found on top left face.
  • As of the catalog tap on Settings
  • At the moment tap on Auto Update Apps under Settings.
  • A popup window showing message will unwrap, screening you three alternatives.
  • Opt for Do not auto-update apps option.
  • Later than choosing the former alternative tap lying on Ok.[Nexus phone doesn’t need that to be done]

Currently you wrap up effectively put out of action auto updates intended for the entire apps.

If you would like to disable auto update for individual apps go after the track of deed specified below:-

  • Unwrap Google Play Store on your gadget.
  • Hit the Three line beside Google Play Search.
  • Go off headed for My Apps. There you will perceive the entire your installed apps.
  • This will list apps that you have installed.
  • Tap on the app intended for which you would like to put out of deed Auto update. At this instant tap the 3-dot list of options representation lying on the top-right angle.
  • Tap upon Auto update headed for uncheck it.
  • Tap on Yes.

So that’s how you can manage Apps auto update or individual updates on your device.

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