Update Android Phone: With Android operating system there are updates available every month or two as they arrive. For Samsung Galaxy powered smartphone frequency is quite more as updates are a regular stuff. Moreover Samsung is more active in delivering updates to their existing devices more than any other manufacturer. Sometime you might see the update notification on your BlackBerry Android phone or Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S6 phone while you are on roaming.Updating Android phone

Android Phone Updates on Roaming

If this is a major update, you would like to update your phone as soon as possible, especially in the case where there is major bugs or issues in the current version. But are sure you can update your phone on roaming? Any charges levied by operator? While downloading data on your phone certainly incurs charges on your monthly bill[some carrier plans might provide free data during roaming], we have shown you a simple way to do it. Some of software update package are sometime around 600 Mb to 800 Mb & if updated via Over the Air you would be charged a lot. So to avoid data charges we would be following this procedure.

Here is how you can update your Android phone while you are on roaming –

  • Begin the process of enabling your Wi-Fi on your device.
  • To enable Wi-Fi on your device go to Settings and under the Wireless and Networks select Wi-Fi then turn in ON to enable it.
  • Touch Wi-Fi to view available Wi-Fi networks and then select a Wi-Fi network.
  •  Once you are connected, an update notification will appear on your device.

That’s the normal option on how you can use nearby open WiFi networks. What if you don’t have any WiFi available. Is there any chance you can update your device to latest firmware?

Android OTA Updates on Roaming

Yes, you can but it will incur charges. To update your device while you are on roaming, you should be enable Data Roaming option found under Settings > Cellular Networks.Android Data on Roaming

If your system update fails you will get an error message on your screen. In such case remove and re-insert battery and then power on the device. And you will be prompted to install the system update. Finally if the update fails you need to contact Verizon Support.

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