How to Use Spotify Outside USA/UK to Stream Music

Spotify Outside USA

It is an acknowledged fact that when you use Spotify, then a lot of problematic pages can be seen. This pages show notices that the browser like Firefox is unable to connect the music, basically from outside of UK and USA. So, you just need to solve this problem to enjoy Spotify.

Let us look the best steps –

  • If you really desire to use it, try to change proxy server to the server of UK. A lot of service providers are available through online. But, most of the users are likely to use Tunnel Bear. The system provides the services of 500 MB cap.
  • Now, you can easily use Spotify after activating Tunnel Bear. After opening homepage you need to sign up. To get registration on Spotify, you can easily get registered on Facebook account.
  • Now you can easily log in account and now you just need to choose edit profile. After that, in your account setting changes your country as UK. Only, due to this you need to set your proxy and another thing is if you not set your proxy as UK, you will be not allowed to change any information related to your country.
  • Now, you can easily install Spotify and log in through Facebook. There is no need to disconnect service of the VPN till the user take the log in Spotify first time.

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If you have voila and you log in, it will be most perfect and convenient for you because you can use Spotify even without VPN service. Music and Videos both can easily be used outside UK if you follow the step properly.

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