HTC Butterfly 3 is scheduled for release in Asian markets. Check HTC Butterfly 3 Release Date, Specs and Features.

HTC hasn’t given up with Butterfly smartphone line as upcoming Butterfly 3 is rumored to releasing next. Spotted by guys at Upleaks device will be exclusive to Asian markets just like predecessor.

HTC Butterfly 2 Phone
The HTC Butterfly 2 phone in Red

Both the previous HTC Butterfly models were first released in Asia and then limited release in other parts of the world. The same case will be with Butterfly 3 as the smartphone will first debut in homeland Taiwan and then spread to countries like China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Middle East market.

These are just the rumors of the device and we are pretty early into those rumors. So early that not even the device has been spotted in benchmark sites. We might not see this device launch by HTC.