HTC Corporation said that they will not come up with many smartphones this year but that doesn’t mean that action will stop with HTC One smartphone so early. After HTC One, next in the pipeline is HTC E1 smartphones as spotted earlier at HTC 603e. So what’s next? It’s rumoured that HTC is gearing up for Desire P and Desire Q Android smartphones in coming weeks to be priced in the mid-range portfolio.

HTC Desire P

Desire P smartphones almost looks like the revamping of Desire SV model and it features 4.3 inches 800 x 480 pixels resolution. It will be powered with mediocre 1 Ghz dual core processor and includes 8 mega pixel camera on the rear side. As usual stuff with HTC Phones, this will be no less than Beats Audio integration out of box and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version.HTC Desire P

There is a micro SD card slot to expand the storage further than the limit of 4 GB internal memory. It includes 768 MB RAM and it would be a better competitor Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini but will luck turn in favour of HTC especially when Samsung is doing so good. HTC Desire P

HTC Desire P will be sold in red and white color variants to be available in China via China Mobile at a price of $ 365.

HTC Desire Q

Desire Q is little sibling of Desire P smartphone sporting beautiful 4 inches display screen and the device is with music with my movement. The designed has been bagged from Desire V, X, U smartphones and it will be available in black jazz, lyrical white and red dance.HTC Desire Q

HTC says that Desire Q will be priced at $ 235 and will go for sale in Taiwan via FarEasTone telecom operator.