HTC and Lenovo are in race for Nexus 10 tablet order. Check HTC Nexus Tablet release date, rumors and other details.

Last year, LG made their way in the market with the launch of LG GPad 8.3 tablet and this year, we have the strong reports that HTC Corporation will be back into tablet PC manufacturing and could well be producing Nexus 10 tablet. The new Nexus 10 tablet will be a high-end tablet with Ultra HD display resolution and slated for launch at the end of this year or in Quarter 3, if Google ask HTC to quick up things.HTC Nexus tablet

Google Nexus tablet future might be shaky but the rumors of Play Editions for 2014 is still on-going affair. While Asus and LG are the front runner for Nexus 8 tablet order, Lenovo and HTC are favorites to win the Nexus 10 tablet order leaving Samsung as the old manufacturer of Nexus 10 tablet. While this remains unclear on what actual thing will be, upcoming rumors will confirm this in coming weeks.

SourceFocus Taiwan