iBall the maker of Andi 4.5H Android powered smartphones is now providing the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update to the smartphone. It’s quite interesting to see the way in which India smartphone vendors have now realized the importance of software update and this is the first iBall Andi phone to get Jelly Bean update(correct me if I am wrong). Unlike all other smartphone vendors, iBall goes the unusual way. For the person who holds Andi 4.5H smartphone they need to visit the nearest official service center of the company to get your phone update at no additional cost. So there is no update via Over the Air or via the software tool for updating at the user’s end.Andi 4.5H Jelly Bean update

Company said about this update to Andi 4.5H via a blog post on the site and there is no change-log been provided about this update. Although we know that moving from Android 4.0.4 to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brings the Google Now support, Project butter improvements, better widget handling, offline voice typing, user interface updates and some bug fixes. This is one of the major update to iBall Andi 4.5H and iBall also didn’t comment whether its ready to have a go with Android 4.2 in near future or not.

This update provokes eagerness in other iBall products users like Gautam is asking for Android 4.2 on iBall Edu-Slide tab i1017.

Looking for iBall service center nearest to you, check the list.