Idea 4G Phone a best Possible Reliance JioPhone Alternative

Idea 4G phone
Idea 4G Phone News

After the introduction of Reliance JioPhone in the market, Idea Cellular is also
going to ‘play its cards’ with all new Idea 4G Phone.

Reports said that Idea Cellular had been losing its part of market because of
Reliance Jio. However, the telecom operator seems to accept the challenge and
hence has thought to fight with its rival Jio with its own version of the 4G feature

The company head said that Idea Cellular would be unveiled at a price which is
Rs. 2500/-, quite higher than the one which will be released by Reliance JioPhone
and priced Rs. 1500/-, which again is the security deposit towards the damage of
the phone and would be returned to the customers after 3 years. May be this is one
of the best examples for ‘micro economics’.

It is reported that Idea would not manufacture the phones for the said project but
partner with multiple handset brands so that pricing of the device remains closer to
that of Jio’s.

Again there will be no reduction of the price to an extent that it shows lower than
that of JioPhone. The Managing Director of Idea Cellular has given a confirmation
in this regard by stating that “The Idea 4G mobile phone will not be subsidized and
we want to price it around Rs. 2,500”.

An amazing attraction in Idea Cellular Phone compared to that of Jio Phone is that
of accessibility. Reliance JioPhone only lets you access few apps (locked by the
telco), and Idea Cellular allows the users to install whichever apps they want.
Now, it is up to the market to choose the concept that they like!

Idea 4G Phone Specifications:

Here are the Idea 4G phone Specs

  • 2.4″ Display
  • 320 x 240 pixels resolution
  • 4G Support (with support for Band 40)
  • Micro SD Card slot
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • FM Radio
  • Headphones
  • Price: Rs. 2499

JioPhone vs Idea 4G Phone

We have compared the JioPhone and Idea 4G phone here –

JioPhone Idea 4G Phone
Display 2.4″ QVGA Display 2.4-inch Display
Storage 4 GB Internal unknown
Micro SD Card Slot Yes Yes
Dual SIM No (only JioPhone Dual) Yes
Features Bluetooth, NFC, FM Radio
Price Rs. 1500 Refundable Deposit Rs. 2499 (expected)


We have drawn further comparison as –


While the Reliance JioPhone is effectively priced at Rs 0, i.e., you get whole Rs 1500 as security deposit back to you after three years. The Idea featured phone is priced at Rs 2500 and there is no such refund option. It’s the whole price of the device.

Forward Compatibility

Reliance is already mocking up its upcoming Jio 5G services in India. So, it’s clear that JioPhone will be 5G compatible as well.

Features Comparison

While JioPhone doesn’t support WhatsApp, Facebook and many more apps, the Idea 4G Featured phone is expected to include all those features.

While JioPhone can be used to connect JioDTH to any television, there might not be such provision on Idea featured 4G phone.

Source: NewsNexa

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