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Social Platforms are the prominent lead generator for the majority of brands. All the top brands are having their sales mainly through social platforms. Thus, social media have gained an inevitable role in the business of B2C brands. After the outbreak of the pandemic, there is a rapid surge in online sales. Today, the majority of social applications give huge space for social media marketing.

Moreover, they are fetching a massive profit through social sales. This article will let you know the social platforms that will work best for lead generation. Give this article a read so that you will learn how to scale up your brand on social media.


Though there are other social applications that are more efficient than Clubhouse, I prioritize it because it is anticipated to grow as a significant lead generator in the coming times. Marketers state that audio content is going to be the future of social marketing. A recent article from MIT also reflects the same. Clubhouse, a complete audio-based social application, played the dominant role in the growing importance of audio content. Only after the rapid spike in the user base of Clubhouse, marketers realized the interest of people towards audio content.

After the massive boom of Clubhouse, dominant social platforms like Facebook and Snapchat have now added live audio-chat features to their application. There is also the arrival of new social applications that are audio-centric. All this happens because of the growing interest of people in audio content. Famous Panel, a leading social media marketing company, also states that there is an increase in audio content consumption. Currently, Clubhouse is in its infant stage. So, if you jump into it when the competition is low and test waters, you can effortlessly generate quality leads. So, mull about making a move into Clubhouse as you can reap huge benefits.


Instagram is a social platform with nearly one billion monthly active users. It rose to fame amidst the massive competition from Facebook and TikTok. It grew as a competitor for Facebook, after which Facebook understood the potential of Instagram and bought it. Today, Instagram stands high with over one billion monthly active users.

Achieving this huge user base and sustaining it is not possible for all other social applications. But, Instagram is retaining its user base for a more extended period of time. So, you can plan to do promotions for a long time on this social application. To achieve quality leads on Instagram, you have to learn its characteristics.

Instagram is quite different from all other social applications. Transformations are very common on Instagram. It uses to bring constant changes in its updates and add new features consistently. So, to survive on this platform, you must be open to adapt to changes. Today, video content is the most viewed form of content on social platforms. Instagram is a complete video-centric application. So, you must know to come up with intriguing videos. This will facilitate the process of lead generation on Instagram. You can also hire any SMM Reseller Panel India as they can help you in crafting a stellar social media strategy for Instagram.

Niche Social Platforms:

The Social Media Industry is expanding every day with the launch of new social applications and an increase in the user base. This gave way to the advent of niche social applications. So, if your target audience is part of a specific industry or niche, then you can focus on the niche social applications. Here, I list out a few of the well-performing niche social applications.


Houzz is the social application that helps interior designers, architects and home decors to connect with their customers. The application functions like a typical social platform where professionals can post their recent works, portfolio and testimonials. You can access it at

People who are impressed by any of the works can get in touch with the corresponding professional and hire them. This is the way this application works. So, if you are selling any house or construction material, then this application is an ideal fit for you.


Dribbble is a social platform that is centered on website designers, logo and poster designers, and wall painters who are into freelancing. This is one of the biggest niche social applications. You can access it at and also available for Play Store for Android mobile phones and iOS App Store for iPhones.

Thus, similarly, there are considerable niche social applications that can generate quality leads for brands. You can also approach Famouspanel, a leading social media marketing firm that can give you details about niche social platforms.

Wrapping Up:

The reach and the applications of the social platforms increase day after day. They also have changed frequently in accordance with the advent of new trends and technologies. Hence, if you want to scale your products on social platforms and are not aware of which one suits you the best, you may have gained a clear image after reading this article.

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