BBK Electronics to Introduce IMMO Mobile with Camera Centric Phone

Immo SmartphoneIMMO Mobile

BBK Electronics is one of the biggest investors in various mobile brands. The company is party of three popular brands like OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo and now they are all set to introduce in-house competition as all new IMMO Mobile is all set for a go.

IMMO Mobile

Immo will be the fourth brand by the company to be introduced very soon. The first teaser of a Immo smartphone in gold has been released highlighting the ‘record‘ button. Definitely it looks to us a camera centric phone and according to photo, we can guess the launch date of the device to be July 20. But wait a minute, nothing is official here as it’s all assumption. Source GizChina claims the next week debut of very first IMMO phone.

If at all they want to introduce a gold phone, then why didn’t BBK preferred the existing brands? They could have chosen from Vivo, Oppo or OnePlus. That indicates that IMMO brand smartphones might be focused one thing – better camera capabilities on smartphone.

We are expecting IMMO to give rise to a Huawei P9 like smartphone. Let’s see what happens.

Source : GizChina

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