With iOS 8 it comes with the ability to search for deeper results on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So what Google Now does it on Android, Spotlight Search will do the same thing on your Apple iOS devices. The new version of Spotlight includes maps, iTunes search results, search in mail directly, reminders, events, videos and other results in real time.iOS Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search for iOS 8 features –

  • Mail Search: From your home screen search for sender, recipient, email.
  • Contact Search: Search for contact including names, emails, phone numbers, notes of your contact.
  • Calendar and Reminder Search: Now you can search within Calendar and Reminder.
  • Music, Videos and Podcast Search: Search for music based on title, artist, album field with songs, videos, audiobooks and podcasts.

Adjust Spotlight Settings

  • From your iPhone or iPad go to Settings.
  • Then under General you will find the option of Spotlight Search, tap on it.iOS Spotlight Search
  • Depending up on what you would like to get results, tick marks the available options.

Apart from that you should only type for search from the beginning of the word because Spotlight will not through out results for queries based on middle of words.