Nokia Android Smartphone comes with Microsoft service or service instead of Google Service. In Nokia Android Smartphnes, there is No Google Mails, No Google Maps, No Google Home Launcher, No Google Play store and many other different kinds of service is also not available in Nokia Android Smartphone.Nokia X Custom Recovery

In this edition, we will be going to discuss some easy and simple steps of downloading and installing Google service in Nokia X, X+ and XL. These tips and instructions will definitely help in installing as well as in downloading Google Services in Nokia Android Smartphone.

Tips before you begin

  • Before you start, your device should always be charged 50% minimum.
  • Always make sure, your device is absolutely rooted.
  • Make sure the data that is stored in your device has a backup. Always make a backup of all the necessary files and documents that are stored on the device.

So, these are some of the important points that should always be kept in mind before installing any Google Service in Nokia Android Smartphone.

Google Play Store on Nokia Android Phone

Here are some steps that help in the installation of Google Services in Nokia Android Smartphone:

  • Always make sure the device in which you are going to install Google Services is rooted properly and also make sure USB debugging is properly enabled or not.
  • In your device, Download and Install Root Explorer.
  • In the next step, extract and copy all the applications (NokiaX GApps)that you want in your device system/app file location.
  • The permission of all the copied files should be changed.
  • Once the permission of all the copied files is changed, reboot your device.
  • After the rebooting process, extract all the Nokia X Some and then install application normally, as done in other devices.

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So, these are some of the easy and simple steps that should be followed in order install and download Google Services in Nokia Android Smartphone.