Top 3 Internet Service Providers with the Fastest Speeds


Speed is the most sought after luxury, these days. Because better speeds automatically result in better productivity and eventually, in better performance. Take a business organization, for example. If the workers don’t finish a task faster, no matter how big or small, the whole operation gets affected adversely.

Deadlines accumulate; campaigns fall through, revenue drops, so on and so forth. On the other hand, if day-to-day operations are conducted at a speedier rate, profits double up, and the future of the business looks brighter than ever. Therefore, speed is of the ultimate importance in every aspect of life. Especially, in the telecom sphere.

The very fabric of our modern world has come to rest on the World Wide Web. Internet connectivity has not only opened hitherto unknown avenues, but it has also brought an unbelievable convenience into people’s lives. And, speed has become an evaluative metric in testing the validity of an Internet connection. In other words, if a network doesn’t deliver data signals at a faster pace, it is worthless.

Moreover, people always keep the demand for a ‘high-speed’ internet connection in plain view whenever they set out to search for the best internet providers in their area. If you too are wondering about the fastest internet providers, then you’ve come to the right place. The following are the top ISPs of 2020 that deliver remarkable speeds.

Best Overall Speeds: AT&T Fiber

What tops every speed-related list is an entry on Fiber Optic Internet. The reason being that this network type supplies the fastest and the most stable internet speeds known to humankind at present. Its state-of-the-art technology makes use of glass wires and light pulses to conduct data signals back and forth, at lightning-pace. Therefore, it is in constant demand.

Now, AT&T is a well-known name in the telecom circles and logs heads with many other providers when it comes to its DSL service. However, the domain in which it stands out and gains a competitive edge is the Fiber one.

According to FCC’s 2018 report, AT&T Fiber over-delivers its promised speeds up to 108.9%, which is saying a lot! Its fiber plans are not only affordable, but they’re incredibly consistent and symmetrical too.

See for yourself:

Plan Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Price
Internet 300 300 Mbps 300 Mbps $50
Internet 1000 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps $70


AT&T Fiber has ample coverage from the East Coast to the West Coast, and this service is perfect for people who need blazing fast speeds for live streaming or server hosting, etc.

Fastest DSL Internet: Frontier Communications

Digital Subscriber Line is a famous internet type, which carries network signals over the copper telephone lines and is mostly found in the suburban areas. DSL supports relatively lower speed tiers, but its plans are the cheapest of them all, and the technology itself is available to literally everyone, unlike Fiber.

As regards its providers, Frontier Communications ranks the highest among its competitors, due to its value-driven plans and better speeds. Two more features make Frontier internet a winner for people who prefer DSL internet. One, you don’t need to sign a contract to get the service. Two, there are no data caps you need to restrict yourself to. Here are Frontier’s best DSL speeds:

Plan Download Speed Monthly Price
Preferred Internet 25 Mbps $34.99
Premium Internet 45 Mbps $44.99

Fastest Cable Internet: Xfinity from Comcast

Cable is a midway option between DSL and Fiber, ideal for Americans who live in tightly-knit urban neighborhoods. Xfinity from Comcast is often regarded as one of the best cable ISPs in the US. Why? Because it covers 39 states including California, serves more than 111 million people, and proudly owns the rank of the largest residential cable provider by coverage area.

Another interesting fact about Xfinity is that it is the only provider who offers internet speeds up to 2 Gbps in the market, which can be considered as overkill for a cable company, but is a remarkable feat nonetheless. With 2 Gig by your side, you can download ten HD movies in under three minutes. Moreover, here are its fastest internet plans:

Plan Download Speed Contract Term Monthly Price
Blast!® Internet 300 Mbps 1 Year $59.99
Gigabit Internet 1000 Mbps 2 Years $79.99


According to FCC, Xfinity delivers 112.5% more speeds than what it advertises.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, without speed, a smoother internet experience is not possible. So, you must opt for the right internet provider, who offers the best high-speed internet you can possibly ask for.

This article takes you through the top ISPs in the wired category. Each has its own merits and demerits. Choose the one which appeals to you the best, but only after registering your internet speed requirements and tallying the plans with your pocket.

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