Just like every beta version release, iOS 7 beta is available for developers to test them out. Since Beta version are intended for release of developers, their credits into account and finally come out with iOS 7 final version, you might see many bugs in this public release. We see a lot of bugs been found on early beta release 1 of iOS 7 and these have been solved in Beta 2 release. But is Apple ready to release iOS 7 finally? No still beta 2 release finds lot of bugs and issues. Here in this article we check some of those issues, bugs and problems of iOS 7 Beta releases.iOS 7 Beta 2 Bugs

Apps Crashes

Probably you want to avoid app crashes but when your phone rings the app crashes and incoming call ring doesn’t stop. More worse, you can’t answer the call as well. This is one of the biggest issues of iOS 7 Beta 2 release and there is no solution still.

Contacts Menu

Altough I loved the way iOS 7 display the Contacts Menu, but I found issues like contact browsing is too slow, its heavy on scrolling and sometimes it crashed automatically, taking me to homescreen without any error message. This bug was detected in Beta 1 release and still it exists in Beta 2 as well.

Siri Needs to be Improved

Siri app has been in all sort of trouble again. We hope to see Siri issues in Beta 2 iOS 7 release to be fixed in final release.

Wallpaper Makes Your Device Slow

With default wallpaper iOS 7 Beta has been optimized good but as we change the wallpaper to one of our downloaded one or the pictures taken using camera on your phone, the results were varied – interface became lot buggy, slow in response.

Multitasking- Still Throws Black Screen

Apple iOS phones are known for better handling of multi-tasking but with iOS 7 beta release there has been issues – The background becomes black when you continuously switch between apps.

Safari Browser Auto-fill Issues

Safari browser is well compatible with iOS devices but with iOS 7 beta release we noticed that auto-fill throws some issues. Maybe this issue is due to no support of iOS 7 beta by Safari or iOS 7 has the problem coping up with it.

Still there are quite a number of bugs and issues found on both iOS 7 Beta 1 and Beta 2 releases, the above ones were just the major issues.

iOS 7 Beta Bugs, Issues and Problems